Bocawina Rainforest Eco-Lodge Resort & Belize Ecotourism

Bocawina Rainforest Eco-Lodge Resort
& Belize Ecotourism

Belize Eco Resort - Belize Eco Tours - Ecotourism in Belize

As the new owners of Bocawina Rainforest Resort & Adventures (formerly Mama Noots Eco-Resort), we are committed to preserve the legacy of the original resort owner: the idea is to have a place where people from every walk of life can come and commune with nature, where couples and families can find that quality time together while learning how to preserve our Mother Earth and experience the greatest adventures of their life!

There is something here for everyone, from bird watching, hiking, relaxing, exploring Mayan ruins to making new friends. We believe in keeping this tropical paradise as pure and untouched as possible while providing our guests with comfort and service, not to be surpassed by larger and more established resorts. We hope that during your stay with us you will feel at home and enjoy being attended to by our friendly staff. By the time you leave, you will have a new sense of nature and the warmness of the Belizean people, all while enjoying beautiful hiking, breathtaking views, creatures in their natural habitat and the peacefulness and tranquility of being away from the stress of everyday life.

While with us, we hope you enjoy what we take for granted in the fast-paced world of everyday life, time to reflect, relax, and enjoy the beauty of lush gardens while inhaling fresh, clean air. It doesn't get much better than this! So consider this our personal invitation to leave your cares behind and truly enjoy the glory of this place!