Protocols implemented to ensure your safety

Belize is among some of the safest destinations for international travel due to the swift and responsible measures enacted by the Belizean government. On our part, both Bocawina Tours & Adventures and (Mama Noots Eco-Resort Ltd) dba Bocawina Rainforest Resort have been awarded Gold Standard Certification, and you can book with confidence that we are part of Belize's Safe Corridor. In compliance with this program, we are implementing required hygiene and health safety measures to ensure the wellbeing of our valued guests and employees.
  • Check In Counter & Operations Base disinfected daily
  • High touch areas disinfected several times each day
  • Zipline and Climbing gear are cleaned and disinfected after every use
  • Vehicles disinfected before each use
  • Guests and employees subject to temperature checks at start of each day
  • Guests and employees must use hand sanitizer when entering vehicles or buildings
  • Social distancing of 6 feet / 2 meters is always required (except between family members)
  • Masks must always be worn when social distancing is not possible with other guests outside of your family bubble (except when eating & drinking)
  • Guest & Staff Wellbeing Protocols

  • Guests and employees are subject to temperature checks before starting each day, or when entering a vehicle.
  • Guests and employees must use hand sanitizer when entering vans, or boats.
  • Social distancing of 6 feet / 2 meters is required at all times (except between family members)
  • Masks must be worn at all times when social distancing is not possible with other guests outside of your family bubble (except when eating and drinking)
  • Suspected Covid-19 Cases

    In the event of a guest showing any covid-19 symptoms, we will implement our covid-19 response plan in co-operation with Belize Health Authorities.

    Entering Belize

    To protect the health and wellbeing of both tourists and Belizeans, the Government of Belize has implemented new procedures before you arrive. Before you book anything, please go to this link to check the latest requirements
  • Book travel to Belize using approved Gold Standard Accommodations or Tour Operator
  • Take a Real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) Covid-19 test within 96 hours of travel -OR- Rapid Antigen, Sophia, SD Bisensor, ABBOT (Panbio) test results taken no more than 48 hours. If you are unable to bring along a negative covid test, you will be required to take a Covid test upon arrival; the cost is US$50 and takes approximately 25-30 minutes to receive your results.
  • Travellers with proof of covid-19 vaccination do not have to provide a negative covid test 
  • Follow all protocols of airlines and airports
  • Wear your mask at all times thoughout airports
  • Sanitize often
  • Maintain Social Distancing
  • Arrival in Belize:

  • Disembark plane and proceed to health screening
  • Sanitize shoes and pass thermal imaging cameras. Temperature must be less than 100℉ to proceed
  • Verify certified COVID-19 test results or provide proof of covid-19 vaccination. If your test result is positive, health officials will isolate you and you will be transferred to an approved quarantine facility for a minimum of 14 days, at your own expense.
  • Immigration and Customs:

  • Immigration check. Maintain 6ft social distancing
  • Guest proceeds to baggage claim
  • Guest proceeds to customs. Place bags on luggage scanners
  • Your stay in Belize:

  • Arrival at BTB Gold Standards approved hotel
  • Face masks are mandatory in all public spaces
  • If you're interested in exploring Belize and the destination you're traveling to, you will not be able to do it independently. However, tours can be arranged through Boawaina Rainforest Resort & Adventures